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Mission and Vission of the College
          Education is the initiation of self-revelation. It gives scope for creativity and acts as a bridge between the external world around us and inner world we carry within our body, mind and soul. The 'flying bird' is the symbol of hope. As the wings of higher education begin to take off, the span of human life expands and approaches the 'ripe corn' of knowledge to lead a fresh life. The primary objective of Murshidabad Adarsha Mahavidyalaya is to spread the light of quality education among the marginalized section of Islampur, Raninagar, Domkal and Daulatabad blocks. This institution since its inception (1981) has mainly been serving the rural learners who come from various remote and underdeveloped areas. About ninety-five percent students belong to lower class, especially the students from the Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Classes including minorities (mainly Muslims). Around two-thousand students of different rank get enrolled each year in the college. The vast departmental wings of Arts and Humanities of the College provide ample scope to the students to integrate the needs of individual as well as society in order to create new value-based youths. In this way, our college aims to be the beacon of hope for the marginal areas that will shower the light of education amongst all strata of society. Thus let us, pierce the dark veil of ignorance and remove illiteracy and poverty and truly prove to be a vehicle of modernization and development.
  1. To promote higher education across the eastern part of the Murshidabad district.
  2. To help the students to attain degrees in Arts and Social Science disciplines.
  3. To help and support through imparting quality education to the students of Minority Community and weaker section of the society.
  4. To help the students to get firmly established in society.
  5. Train the students to serve the greater needs of the society.
  6. To develop MAM into a National centre of learning.
  7. To integrate Islampur and the rest of Murshidabad with the overall objective of nation building.