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Teracher list
1 Teacher-in-Charge Basob Ghosh
2 Department of Bengali:
1.Partha Das (Assistant Professor)
2.Basob Ghosh (Assistant Professor)
3.Pranati Chattopadhyay (PTT)
4.Prosenjit Dey (PTT)
3 Department Of History:
1. Papiya Biswas (Assistant Professor)
2. Biswarup Ganguly (Assistant Professor)
3. Firoj High Sarwar (Assistant Professor)
4. Prasenjit Chattopadhaya (Guest Lec)
4 Department of English:
1. Atanu Ghosh (Assistant Professor)
2. Hafikul Alam Sarkar (Guest Lec.)
5 Department of Philosophy:
1. Joly Roy (Assistant Professor)
2.Payel Chattopadhyay (Assistant Professor)
3. Anjana Khanra (Guest Lec)
6 Department of Political Science:
1. Kunal Debnath (Assistant Professor)
2. Chiranjit Dey (Guest Lec)
7 Department of Geography:
1. Kailaspati Dey (Guest Lec)
2. Abdul Ukil (Guest Lec)
8 Department of Education: 1. Ashik Ikbal Hossain(Guest Lec)

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