Notice for Assignment Part-III  
  Kanyashree Up Gradation Notice  
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  B.A. Part II and III Final Admission 2019-20  
  B.A. Part I 2019 Marksheet distribution,Review & Casual  
  B.A. 2nd sem Programme Course Admission 2019-20  
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  B.A 1st Sem Pass 2019 admit Card  
  U.G. 3rd Semester SEC Practical exam. (Programme Course)  
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  4th sem Fees structure 2019-20  
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  2nd sem Fees structure 2019-20  
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  B.A. Part III 2019 Final Admission  
  B.A. PART-II 2019 Review Casual 2nd notice  
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  B.A.PART-II 2019 Marksheet,Review & CASUAL Notice  
  Scholarship Final Notice 19-20  
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  3rd year Provisional Admission 2019  
  Class Notice 1st Sem , 3rd Sem and 3rd Year  
  2nd Time Verfication & Registration Date  
  Kanyashree Notice 19-20  
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  Form fillup Notice PART-I 2019  
  Kanyashree Notice 19-20  
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 B.A.1st semester 2018 Marksheet Distribution and Review  
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 Part-III Center Distribution, 2019  
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  Class Routine for B.A. Part-III (3rd year)  
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